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Effective Leadership

Loving the Church as Christ does!

The Church exists by what Christ has done for us in His glory and the production of His work. The church exists for us to be in Christ our Lord, to be His people, and His hands and feet. When we get this Truth we get how to lead and manage His Church!

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Loving the whole church is not just loving the whole church facelessly, like the humanist man loving Man but caring little about the individual. As finite we cannot know the whole church that is on the earth now, let alone the whole church across all space and time. So what does it mean to "love the church of Jesus Christ" in practice? It is very clearly laid out in the New Testament that the Christians should meet in local congregations and groups. In these churches and groups the universal church is cut down, as it were, to our own size. We can know each other on a person-to-person level and have person-to-person love and communication. Francis A. Schaeffer (True Spirituality).

"We desire to see a church committed to His purpose and poured out to His ways. Then we will see revival through real prayer and devotion to His Lordship."

Why Churches Succeed

What makes a church grow? The main, significant factor over all else of why churches succeed is this one point: they were centered upon Christ as LORD! They were not centered on a personality, a vision, a denomination, an emerging paradigm, or a set of trends.
What Type of Foundation Does Your Church Have?

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The Importance of Discipleship and Growth

Growing in Christ is the key to growing a church. This is all about being a good and effective witness of who Christ is and what He has called your church to be and do.

Spiritual Maturity Builds Churches

What does it Mean to be a Mature Christian and a church? What are you willing to do to become one?

Building your Ministry by Building on Christ

Are we willing to Follow Christ? If not, how will we become Fishers of Men? Jesus gives us a call to step out with Him in faith.
Motives and desires all at a convergence and many without an eye to the Word or an ear to the Spirit! So...what does this have to do with the problems of the Church?

Do you realize you are God's child and heir? Then, do you allow Him to guide you?

Being Missiological

God calls us as leaders of His Church to carry out His plans and accomplish His mission of reproducing communities of Christ-formed authentic disciples. We do this by equipping our people to know and teach Christ's redemptive reign as missionaries sent by God, to live and proclaim Christ's Kingdom to the world.

The Importance of Modeling Character

We can model the character of Christ by the faith we show in our obedience to His Word. What we see in Christ is our model of how we integrate or relate to people with whom we have relationships.

What We Need to Learn for Today's Church

In application, our faith and ministry efforts are like a working fishing net. Our lives are interwoven with that of others by God as we crisscross with them in life.

Stay Focused

We need to beware of failing to hear the call of our Lord because of the noise of our will. Being set apart for the Gospel is to be totally at the disposal of our Lord and Master.

Is He Greater in You and your Church?

We must ask ourselves if our deepest desires and pleasures in life are dedicated to please Christ.

The Benefits of a Church of Faith

Faith is an incredible, impacting instrument that builds up a local church, but it is not the reason for our relationship with Christ. Christ is the reason and He is the cause!

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